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AWS IoT Device SDK for VxWorks

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Supported platforms

  • VxWorks 7



  • Rob Woolley


  • April 2019


  • April 2019


The AWS IoT Device SDK for VxWorks® project integrates the AWS IoT Device SDK with VxWorks 7. This integration enables developers to easily connect their device to the AWS cloud and take advantage of AWS IoT services.

The clients can be used with VxWorks 7 to:

  • Communicate securely and efficiently with AWS IoT
  • Provide a secure mechanism to publish and receive messages to and from AWS IoT
  • Enable security and identity services backed by the AWS cloud
  • Allow device shadows to store state information for the device in the AWS cloud
  • Provision devices using a resource template

For instructions on how to use the AWS IoT Device SDK, please refer to the documentation.

For detailed technical information on the AWS IoT Embedded C SDK, please refer to its repository on GitHub.