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Google Test support for VxWorks 7


Supported platforms

  • VxWorks 7



  • Gang Xu


  • December 2019


  • December 2019


The Google Test support for VxWorks® 7 allows you to run your tests written with the Google Test framework on your VxWorks runtime. It provides a VxWorks layer that may be used to integrate as a static library. This static library may be linked to downloadable kernel modules (DKMs) or real-time processes (RTPs) to support testing your applications.

Some of the features of googletest, as listed in the documentation, include:

  • An xUnit test framework
  • Test discovery
  • A rich set of assertions
  • User-defined assertions
  • Death tests
  • Fatal and non-fatal failures
  • Value-parameterized tests
  • Type-parameterized tests
  • Various options for running the tests
  • XML test report generation

For instructions on how to use the Google Test framework, please refer to the documentation.

For instructions on how to use Google Test with VxWorks, please refer to its repository on GitHub.