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ROS 2 for VxWorks

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Supported platforms

  • VxWorks 7



  • Andrei Kholodnyi


  • December 2019


  • December 2019


The ROS 2 for VxWorks® project provides custom modifications and build scripts to integrate the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) framework with VxWorks 7. ROS 2 is a set of software libraries and tools that aid in building robot applications. ROS 2 is a re-architecture of the original ROS framework to include support for new use cases.

These new use cases include:

  • Teams of multiple robots
  • Small embedded platforms
  • Real-time systems
  • Non-ideal networks
  • Production environment
  • Design patterns for building and structuring systems

ROS 2 for VxWorks can be built two different ways: 1) with a VxWorks SDK that is available on this site under a free non-commercial use license; and 2) with a commercially-licensed VxWorks product. The VxWorks SDK build uses traditional command line recipes and tools such as cmake. The second build option is integrated with VxWorks source and image build projects.

The project provides the dependencies needed to build ROS 2. However, ROS 2 also requires certain build tools on specific build hosts. In order to help developers get up and running faster, we have also provided build scripts to automate the ROS 2 build. This includes Docker containers for developers who wish to use a reproducible sandbox environment for their builds.