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ROS 2 for VxWorks

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Supported platforms

  • VxWorks 7



  • Andrei Kholodnyi


  • April 2019


  • April 2019


The ROS 2 for VxWorks® project provides custom modifications and build scripts to integrate the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) framework into VxWorks 7. ROS 2 is a set of software libraries and tools that aid in building robot applications. ROS 2 is a re-architecture of the original ROS framework to include support for new use cases.

These new use cases include:

  • Teams of multiple robots
  • Small embedded platforms
  • Real-time systems
  • Non-ideal networks
  • Production environment
  • Design patterns for building and structuring systems

The project offers a VxWorks 7 layer that provides the dependencies needed in your VxWorks Source Build to build ROS 2. However, ROS 2 also requires certain build tools on specific build hosts. In order to help developers get up and running faster, we have also provided build scripts to automate the full VxWorks 7 and ROS 2 build, including Docker containers for developers who wish to use a reproducible sandbox environment for their builds.